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May 4, 2018

Diana MacDonald is Introducing Herself

I have been a professional photographer since 1993, and have been shooting stock photography since 1996 when I moved to Florida and landed a job as an in-house stock photographer for SuperStock, a stock agency in Jacksonville. In 1998 I left the agency and branched out on my own,...

Sep 30, 2017

Liza Moiseeva and her partners started a social business called GlobeIn to support artisans all over the world and make a living at the same time.

While nonprofits have their place in alleviating poverty, Liza believes that businesses will have a greater impact on the lives of the local population in the long-term....

May 25, 2017

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Lindsey McCoy has a master’s degree in nonprofit management and spent the last 10 years working on environmental education in the Bahamas, islands full of...

Apr 27, 2017

Organic - Many of us immediately start thinking about food. But the material much of our clothing is made from has probably a much higher negative impact on the earth than the food crops have.
Nicola Syme is the designer/creator of sustainable, environmentally friendly and ethical sleepwear, loungewear and yoga wear...

Feb 5, 2017

Fertilizer from Food Waste


Tinia Pina is making fertilizer from food waste. How cool is that? During our interview, we learn that Tinia was volunteering in an inner city school located in what we call a food desert - an area where access to fresh food is either non existing or not affordable to the population.