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Welcome to the Sustainable Living Podcast. We are thrilled to have you here!

Are your ready to change the world? Or maybe thinking about it?

Let's do it together.

Our goal is to create a community where we can learn from and inspire each other.

We are Marianne and Jenise and are so honored that you are listening to our Podcast.

Thank you!

Marianne and Jenise


Nov 16, 2018

Yiga Miyashiro is the Director of Brewing Operations for Saint Archer Brewery in San Diego.


He also happens to be my son and a former homeschooler.


We explore sustainability in the brewing process, what it takes to start a brewery, and how he became the Director of Brewing Operation for a fairly large Micro...

Oct 19, 2018

Teri is a long time homesteader and homesteading blogger known as Homestead-Honey.

Here is the bio from her book that tells you more about her:

"Teri Page is the blogger behind the popular homesteading website, Her homesteading adventures have taken her from Oregon, where she planted her first...

Oct 8, 2018

Emily and Ethan Waldman are two tiny house enthusiasts. Ethan wrote a book "Tiny House Decisions" that is helping people in their research for their own tiny house build. If you are even just a little bit thinking about tiny houses- either to live in or to have as an extra space - you want to listen to this show.



Oct 1, 2018

International Podcast Day

We are a day late for our contribution to the International Podcast Day - September 30, 2018. Oh well, better a day late than never, right?


I, Marianne, spend the day at the Outlier Podcast Festival in LA. I was fortunate to meet some of my podcasting heroes and attend the panels from two...

Sep 26, 2018

Emily shares many tips to reduce the creation of waste. One of the subjects she has been researching are compostable garbage bags.

Are they really better for the environment? What are your tips?

She also feels strongly that we have to be gentle with ourselves. Sometimes, we are just not as diligent as we are at other...