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Marianne and Jenise


Oct 29, 2015

Nutrition, toxins, environment - these are some of the issues you might consider when envisioning the ideal meal.  But what about attention, appreciation and how we think about food?  And how does one create the ideal meal consistently?  Jenise Fryatt, Marianne West and Brad Rowland open up a discussion about this...

Oct 25, 2015

Marianne interviews Courtney Walters of U.W. Trading Company. Courtney live in a sustainable community in Peru.  Meditating in the jungle made her realize that community is very important to her and that her place is San Diego.  But she brought her jungle experience to her life in San Diego by starting a...

Oct 15, 2015

Mallorca, Spain, is the home of Meiling Colorado and a group of people, 7 of them youth, who want to study Permaculture to find solutions not only for their own future employment, but for the many problems their island faces.In this interview, Meiling and Mandy of Permamed are talking about Permaculture, what Permamed...

Oct 12, 2015

How do we create the world we want if we can't envision it?  For many, this is a huge stumbling block.  This week Marianne and Jenise are joined by homesteading blogger Brad Rowland of Highly Uncivilized to discuss the practice of envisioning and its importance in improving our current situation. 

Oct 1, 2015

Marianne got a windfall of tuna and made use of every last bit of it! In this episode she shares all the ways she used the fish including a step by step guide to pressure canning.